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Carpet Cleaning Services

Proudly introducing the greatest carpet cleaning method using the “Quick Dry Duplex Deep Cleaning System” combined with " Hot Water Extraction System" for high quality Deep Clean Process. No matter how dirt your carpet, we have the best solution for you. We have the expertise, experienced manpower, state-of-the-art machine, time-saving workflows as well as continuous customer service just to serve you with high quality and   efficient services. Whenever.    Wherever. That’s why, with us, you’ll know that your office will always be in good hands.


We do professional grinding and polishing of your favorite floor marble. No matter how old and how bad of your floor condition we always have a solution for you. We will ensure and guarantee  your floor marble will look like new and shine again. See the example in video below.

Vinyl, laminated floor coating & waxing

Enhance and protect your beautiful Vinyl or laminated floor with our waxing and coating solution. We have wide range of coating and waxing product to suite your requirements and budget. 

tile scrubbing & coating

Maintaining your outdoor tile is quite difficult and require a lot of time. Don't worry, leave it to us. We have a capability and expertise to do this very well. No matters how hard and difficult is it, we always have solution for you. Lets check this out..

Timber floor refurbishment

Have an ugly scratch on your beautiful wood floor??Leave it to us. We will re-sanding and coat it back to new and beautiful again.

tile grinding and polishing

Your tiling floor got a scratch after renovation work?? Chemical damaged due to un-certified cleaner?? Don't waste your money to change it with new. Come see some examples below.

Floor coating & waterproofing

Get a trending and an industrial-look floor  for your premises. We offer various method and product to suite your budget and requirements. Lets have a beautiful and natural floor with us. See video for some examples.

imported marble, granite & terrazzo polishing

We provide professional floor refurbishment and restoration services for all natural stone floors. We use time proven methods to effective and safely grind, hone and polish marble floors, granite floors, limestone floors, and terrazzo surfaces. The result, you will have a natural look beautiful and shining floor. 


We provide professional disinfection services for covid-19 and various type of virus, germs and bacteria. Costumer can choose whether one time disinfection or high performance Nano Titanium Oxide Coating for 24/7 effectiveness. 

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